FREE Workshop: Testing Angular Applications with Cypress

End-to-end testing your application can protect against regressions, improve developer confidence, and ensure that your app functions like your users expect. In this workshop, learn how to add Cypress to your Angular application and get up to speed with end-to-end testing fast. Cypress allows you to quickly write and run end-to-end tests that interact directly with your application code in a browser. We will cover installation, writing and debugging failed tests, best practices for test writing, and more intermediate features of Cypress like data management, network stubbing, and leveraging the Cypress Dashboard. This workshop is open to all levels, so whether you are a developer looking to add testing to their skill set or an experienced QA developer looking for an easier approach, you’ll learn something new. The Cypress Test Runner is free and open source and designed to test any application that runs in the browser. For more information, visit