FREE Workshop: JamstackNG: Angular + Scully

As JavaScript developers, nothing will improve the load time speed of our site more than fully adopting the Jamstack. And as an Angular developer, nothing makes Jamstack as easy as Scully. Please come to this workshop and learn about the tools and techniques you can adopt in your project as you embrace the Jamstack, giving your users a magic-like first time experience on your website. Your project has never been as fast as it will be after JamstackNG.

Install Node
Install Angular CLI
Clone the demo project (link coming later)

You Will Learn:
In this class, you will learn what the Jamstack is, and why it is so incredibly been effective at improving website performance. You will also learn about and use Scully to begin adopting Jamstack principles in your Angular projects. You will learn the basics around creating plugins, caching data during pre-rendering, supporting markdown, and many other pieces.