FREE Workshop: Getting Started with ag-Grid

TypeScript and JavaScript experience
Angular and Angular CLI basics

Got Data? Yeah, most of our apps do. Want to efficiently display lots (and lots) of tabular data in a grid? Do your users want to be able to search, sort, filter, and edit data? ag-Grid is the best JavaScript grid in the world, is packed with features, and best of all, can be integrated into Angular applications. In this workshop, we’ll learn how to get started with ag-Grid, how we can enable sorting and filtering of data in the grid, custom cell rendering, and using the infinite row model for endlessly scrolling of data. You will walk away from this free half-day workshop equipped with the knowledge for implementing ag-Grid into your Angular application.

What you’ll learn:
Installing and getting started with ag-Grid
How to enable column sorting and filtering
Creating a custom cell renderer
How to stream data into ag-Grid using the infinite row model
Setup instruction will be available at