FREE Workshop: Kendo UI in your Angular Apps — Powerful UI, Fast

Kendo UI is a wonderful component library, built specifically in Angular for Angular apps! It includes over 70 professional UI components that are fully accessible, easily integrated into existing design systems, and are backed by legendary technical support. Check out our Kendo UI Components!

This half-day workshop will be covering topics from getting started with Kendo UI to more advanced features of the Kendo UI Components. We will cover some of the most popular Components, including Form Components, Kendo UI Grid, and the Kendo UI Charts!

Things you will need for this workshop: A Kendo UI license or trial and StackBlitz account. If you have a KUI license then you are good to go and ready to start this course. If you don’t have a license, go ahead and get set up with our free trial of Kendo UI before diving in.

– Create and customize a Kendo UI Form Components
– Validation inside Kendo UI Forms
– Using Kendo UI Inputs and Kendo UI Buttons to create a form
– Reactive Forms
– Template-Driven Forms
– Create and customize a Kendo UI Grid
– Add a Kendo UI Grid to their Angular app
– Create, update, and edit data records in a Kendo UI Grid
– Edit grid with In-cell editing mode
– Add paging, sorting, and filtering to a Kendo UI Grid
– Add row and column virtualization to Kendo UI Grid
– Create and customize a Kendo UI Charts
– Data binding to Kendo UI Charts
– Rendering modes: Canvas vs SVG
– Exporting Options with each Chart Type
– Panning & Zooming
– Other Components, TBD!

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