FREE Workshop: Getting Started With Error Monitoring For Angular brought to you by Sentry

If you can launch an Angular app, then this workshop is for you.

Have you ever started to set something up and then just… not? Maybe it felt too complicated, or labor-intensive, or time-consuming. Well, we don’t want you to feel that way about Sentry.

Sentry Sales Engineering Manager Neil Manvar walks you through integrating Sentry into your Angular app, step by easy-to-understand step. He’ll show you how to integrate the SDK by importing your library, then how to configure it. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to surface and inspect any and all errors within our app.

What You’ll Learn:
Full stack real-time error monitoring
Install and configure an SDK
Resolve errors with max efficiency not max effort
Assign errors with suspect commit
See slow faster with Performance